A3G Entertainment

A3G Group is symbolized by two words: ingenuity and creativity. We bring a combination of these virtues to the industries. Each aileron caters to diverse needs to furnish end-to-end solutions through its new-fang-led and proprietary systems, thereby fostering competitiveness and triumph.Trailing of maxims of fervent collaboration, wistful customer focus, acclimatized execution and obdurate commitment to continuous improvement, by our square employees,completes their relentless drive to win.

A3G is a high-end colplete studio,specialize in:=
  • ⇒ Music
  • ⇒ Production
  • ⇒ Directon
  • ⇒ Editing
A3G entertainment is a highly experienced team of skilled individuals with a creative bent of mind, constantly on the search for challenges to push the frontiers of the digital domain. Our top-notch quality services in the realm of audio/video post-production, recording, mixing,dubbing,makeup, light, camera, direction, vfx, visual effects and Graphics and Animation. Our passion lies in helping you in realizing your next idea with thorough professional and creative efforts.
◈ Music

Music can be known as ‘art of combining tones in a manner to please the ear’. It may also mean sounds so combined as to make a pleasant impression on the mind.All sound, however, is not music. It is only when the sounds (combined) produce harmony and melody and please the ear that they become music. We provide multiple feature to compose music to strip up the feelings of love and sympathy on the listners mind.

We are specialized in an excelent quality production of music in our industry. Our team is also specialized in :

  • ⇒ Recording
  • ⇒ Dubbing
  • ⇒ Mixing
  • ⇒ Mastering
  • ⇒ Foley
  • ⇒ Background Score
◈ Production

Our production studio is specialized in :

  • ⇒ Camera Equipments
  • ⇒ Lights
  • ⇒ Makeup
  • ⇒ Choerigraphy
  • ⇒ & other facilities like (Transport service, food for customers etc.)
◈ Direction

A3G Group is not just a production and music studio but also a state of mind... where river of creativity combines with zeal and skills on the plains of technology"

We have highly experienced team of direction which include :

  • ⇒ Associater Director
  • ⇒ Creative Director
  • ⇒ Action Director
  • ⇒ Assistant Director
◈ Editing

We are specialized in Editing which include :

  • ⇒ Animation
  • ⇒ VFX
  • ⇒ Computer Graphics
  • ⇒ Visual Effects
  • ⇒ Sound Effects
  • ⇒ Background Score

Our main objective is to Leverage on customer satisfaction with world class services that can efficiently meet the client's requirements and budget. We help you realize and structure an intelligent drive to Entertainment solutions.
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