About us

The A3G Group of Companies is a heterogeneous fraternity dealing in Real estate, Infotech, Agro Products, TV Channel and Entertainment, it has six supreme wings-:

Real Estate
Information Technology
Raahee Foundation (CSR)
Phantam TV (TV Channel)
Agro Farming

A3G Group is symbolized by two words: ingenuity and creativity. We bring a combination of these virtues to the industries. Each aileron caters to diverse needs to furnish end-to-end solutions through its new-fang-led and proprietary systems, thereby fostering competitiveness and triumph. Trailing of maxims of fervent collaboration, wistful customer focus, acclimatized execution and obdurate commitment to continuous improvement, by our square employees, completes their relentless drive to win.

The most challenging problems or queries of the customers get their locks opened with the help of booming speed (to the market) and competitive positioning of the A3G.This cost and time effective strategy of A3G is unbeatable. Having a multicultural nature, the culture of A3G is quite sustainable and competitive with its foundation as commitment to customers, employees, the communities in which it operates plus the environment. Bestowing the assistance as in most wanted by the surrounding world, A3G has become apparent cosmic leader in non-profit/for-profit partnership. The culture and business work conjointly to cinch modesty, resilience and most in-built.